Join I've Got Grit 4 Week Inner Transformation. Once you are registered, you will have immediate access to begin.

You will gain access to the course January 1st. We will all start the daily tasks together for week one on January 4th, so for the first four days you will be able to get familiar with the 4 Week I've Got Grit Inner Transformation and start to prepare for the 4 weeks ahead! Also make sure to join the Facebook group.

From January 1st - January 4th your job is to go through the Preparation section of the course. Here, you will go over routines and other tools to get you ready to have the most productive, insightful 4 weeks you've ever had! At this time, it is also a good idea to download the workbook and calendar.

You will be granted access to the next week's content on Saturday nights in January. Each week has a mindset section for you to listen to before the start of the week so you are ready to put in the work and complete your daily tasks when the week starts. Make sure to follow along in the workbook.

Each week you will get separate tasks for every individual day. These tasks will relate to the mindset lesson you listened to on Sunday. You will be given journal prompts, worksheets and goal setting tasks. This way, you are learning about yourself and staying accountable every day of the week.

The journey does not end here. Once you have mastered your mindset, gained confidence and created daily habits to aid you in creating lasting change, you need to find what you're passionate about and start working towards it. In the last week of the course, Rebecca will give you exactly what you need next!



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