Break Free from your Limitations & Crush your Goals!

The 4 Week Inner Transformation Program will give you the confidence you need to reach your full trajectory and create lasting change! 

What is getting in the way?

Over the course of working with 10,000’s of people in my experience the 1 thing that gets in their way of achieving results is that most people talk themselves out of doing something. They making excuses (or reasons!) for not showing up and fear gets in the way, stopping them from taking action...

Staying on Track is Not Easy!

Are you feeling frustrated that you are not seeing the changes you want?

Falling off track because life just seems to be getting in the way and you have had enough of not putting yourself first?

Maybe you are struggling to break a pattern or bad habit?

Do you feel discouraged because you just don’t know where to start in getting your life organized and create the balance you want. It could be that you are struggling to set a goal, or even that you have set the goal yet you have no ideas what the first step would even be in making that goal happen!

All of these ideas in your head and things that you want to accomplish yet no plan in action to make them happen. Maybe you have forgotten how to dream and figuring out what it is you want in life and just need a little guidance…

All these things can feel very overwhelming and we lose sight of who we are. 

I Totally GET IT!

I did not understand why I kept going back to my old ways and could not snap out of things that were not serving me. I was not showing up as the best version of myself and it was causing me so much stress and anxiety. The one thing I have learned that made it all possible for me to be who I am today and achieve what I have, was investing in myself. When I realized that for things to get better I had to get better there was a complete shift in my life. I now know that personal development courses have been the most important aspect in helping me crushing my goals! So I created this to help you do the same thing.

How It Works:

There is a simple framework that I have put together to help anyone wanting to do what I have done.

Leading with a personal, no BS and honest approach because I want you to get the results you desire in the shortest amount of time possible.

Those on this journey are going to have many lightbulb moments and also real life smacking you in the face moments! And that is totally ok, in fact that is great.

Back then I did not understand that transformation was most successful in this order.

Now with this program I have been able to create a journey for people to go on that has the most impact on peoples lives, with greater break throughs and faster progress.

Say Goodbye to Your Excuses!

Start seeing the changes in yourself so you can reach your full potential. Create new, long lasting habits that will help you crush yoru goals. Get connected back to who you are, be in alignment with what you want and set a big vision for your future. Learn how to embrace feeling overwhelmed and control your fears so that you can achieve above and beyond what you believe is possible right now!


"I was in a bad mind space and this course honestly opened me up again to see my possibilities and my worth. I wish I could explain how grateful I am. I cannot wait till January to level up again. "


"I was in one of the lowest point's in my life after having a breakdown and separating from my wife of 13 year's and was struggling to cope being away from my kids, I honestly don't think I could have recovered as quickly as I did without all your help and support and challenging us to play full out and level up."


"It helped me make some decisions I have been putting off. It helped me forgive my husband. It helped me make goals and begin to focus on the future which I have been afraid to do. It was just amazing to be on calls with everyone and know i am not alone. It helped me realize I have been stuck for too long. "


"This program was a wonderful experience! I really have been working hard on relationship building and staying connected to people. This program really helped me hold myself accountable and also evaluate how I could have done better. Thank you Rebecca!"


"I could write tens of words it would still not be enough to share what I got from this program. Many beautiful stories and getting to talk to Rebecca in real time was amazing!"


What You Get!

7 areas of your life you want to get to a level 10: 

Relationships, Career, Finances, Health, Mindset, Education, Fun


Daily Motivational Videos and Tasks:

I will be walking you through each day to help you make the changes necessary to get unstuck, gain confidence and start seeing results.



Entire course workbook to fill in throughout the course, 


BONUS Lessons:

Extra surprise content!


Guest Speaker Calls: 

Access to all previous guest speakers trainings and calls. Learn from Rebecca's mentors, peers and get to know leading figures in their industries!


Along with this course, you will be granted VIP access to our course community. We will all be starting together to hold one another accountable and walk through it hand in hand!

Get ahead of what's pulling you back...

By joining me on this program you will avoid having to deal with the pain of going through this alone. Finding my grit, learning how to show up no matter what and breaking my patterns has taken years or figuring it out and I have spent over $100k In personal development!


Condense the time it took me to get results and at a fraction of the cost. Yes you could do this on your own, yet let me save you some pennies and allow me to share all I have learned with you.

Make Yourself a Priority 

Can you image if you didn’t learn all the tools to help you get the results you want in life and you remain in the same position this time next year… What will happen if you don’t take action and learn something new that could potential change your world? Nothing changes if nothing changes...


Put YOU and your personal growth a priority! Think about you in the future and having made the changes you are waning right now, how would you feel if you are free from your limiting beliefs and crushing your goals?

Take action to Transform

WORTH $1997!



Online Inner Transformation Program ($549)

Workbook ($350)

Weekly Calls with Rebecca ($800)

Monthly GUESTS speakers (priceless!)

Private group ($300)


WORTH $1997.

Get it right now for just $697!



How will I know if this will work for me?

If you are not sure that you will see change from this I understand how you feel. When I first started to do courses and going to personal development events I was not confident that it would help me. What I have learned is that every single experience that I have had I have grown from and had many take aways that have helped me set and crush goals.


It is no problem on what time zone you are in as this is all done at your own pace and all calls are recorded. And if you think you do not have time for this I want to share that you do not have time not to do this! It is going to free ups space in your life long term and this course is done at your own pace.


No need to feel overwhelmed or uncertain as being in an uncomfortable situation is what we need for personal growth, for you to break free from limitations and crush your goals. Which means you are in the right place!

Why I LOVE this Program 

My life has changed drastically since I learned and implement the tools I share in this program.

I want to be able to help others who want to reach their full potential. My superpower is to light a fire under your butt to take action!

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing others remove all their excuses, showing up no matter what and take massive action to make their dreams come true!

My passion and purpose is to support YOU! 

Meet Your Mentor

Rebecca Louise is a global fitness Entrepreneur, #1 Best-selling author of It Takes Grit, and founder of the BURN By Rebecca Louise Fitness App.  

Rebecca’s mission to help others overcome their excuses, find their grit and self belief through fitness. Her YouTube channel has over half a billion Youtube views with Her podcast, It Takes Grit, over 350,000 downloads. 

Her success and insights have been highlighted in VogueCosmopolitanEntrepreneur and many others. She was the face of Global fitness brand Le Coq Sportif and has been an ambassador for globally recognized brands including Facebook, Nike, Amazon, Nordic Track, GoPro and Disney.   

Rebecca’s passion is animal welfare and works with the charity Four Paws who rescues four legged animals from Human captivity. She has been to 5 countries sp far to work hands on with the animals at the sanctuaries and raise awareness.

In May 2022 she successfully summited Mount Everest.

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